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What is NOIZD Remix?

Have you bought a NOIZD NFT and need some help submitting it to stores, streaming platforms or for licensing in things like movies or games? Don't worry, ​we have you covered with our diverse NOIZD Remix packages! Once your NFT is Remixed in one of our NOIZD Remix packages you can sit back while we automate the process and collect your royalties for you!

What's the process?

We know how excessively complicated everything is in the music industry. It's why we created NOIZD. ​So in typical NOIZD tradition, we have made NOIZD Remixing as simple as possible with our 3-step process!


Pick your package

Choose from one of our many packages which include store distribution, streaming service ​distribution and licensing house distribution.


Stake your NFT with us

Because the NFT has been packaged with all the info necessary, you don't need to do anything ​other than stake it with us. Thats it.


Get paid

Anytime someone streams your music on a streaming platform, downloads it on an online store or uses it commercially you'll get paid the full amount. We don't take a cent and will deposit the funds directly into your wallet.

Remix packages

Want to list your NFT on other NFT streaming platforms? Or Maybe you prefer more traditional things and want to list it on all the mainstream streaming platforms and stores? Or even put it up for usage in movies and games?

Pick one of our Remixes below!

Hello Family

The music-based NFT ecosphere is growing daily with some of the hottest new streaming platforms supporting it! Our Hello Family package gets you on the NFT streaming platforms that matter!

NOIZD Extended Play

Want to add a bit of boom to your remix? Add some of the mainstream platforms like Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and more with the Extended Play!

NOIZD Long Play

Give your NFT the full mix and put it on all available major streaming and distribution platforms, including stores and partner listing sites with the Long Play!

Why choose a NOIZD remix?

We have global distribution

which means your NFT will have the opportunity to be heard around the world on all your favorite platforms!

We collect all revenue for you

and pay 100% of it directly into your NOIZD account!

Other packages

Thought about selling off fractions of your NFT or royalties to other potential buyers? What about minting a limited edition amount of collectible prints for others to get in on the action?

NOIZD Fraction NFTs

Sell pieces of your NFT to others to help with the leg-work and get the track out there! With NOIZD fraction NFTs you can break your NFT down and sell it piece by piece, royalty share by royalty share.

NOIZD Multi Print

Everybody loves limited editions. But Not everyone was lucky enough to get the NFT ​you did! Mint some prints of yours and let others grab a copy with The Multi Print!

The only marketplace selling unreleased music, music videos, stems, remixes, royalty rights and more as downloadable files packed into NFTs.






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